Villa Plans that Promise a Perfect Accommodation Experience
Villa Plans that Promise a Perfect Accommodation Experience

Among the holiday trends of recent years, the increasingly shining villas combine the warmth and comfort of home with luxury, privacy and dazzling aesthetics. There are options suitable for every budget and taste among the villas, which are impressive and create opportunities for creative alternatives in terms of both exterior design and layout. The villa plans that we have presented to you in this article draw the main lines of a wonderful holiday.

Single-Story Villa Plans 

single story villa plans

With the potential to reflect the best examples of contemporary design, single-story villas have a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Regardless of the style, small or large, eclectic or homogeneous, single-story villas can contain every element you may need for a full accommodation experience.

Duplex Villa Plans

dublex villa plans

duplex villa plans

Duplex villas, which prove that you can create wonders on limited land, are among the most common types of villas. Duplex villas can offer more and more spacious living spaces, especially with features such as balconies, terraces and patios.

Triplex Villa Plans 

triplex villa plans

The embodiment of magnificence, triplex villas create spacious and airy living spaces. The fact that they have remarkable features such as a penthouse, terrace and magnificent view due to their structure also increases the demand for triplex villas. 

Fourplex Villa Plans

fourplex villa plans

Due to the area and width they cover, fourplex villas, which are ideal especially for large families and groups of friends, are a very rare and valuable accommodation option. In case the neighboring structures consist of single-story detached houses, the fourplex villas also have the opportunity to offer an extraordinary view. Let's also mention that fourplex villas offer the opportunity to exercise for the person who will stay on the top floor. 

Twin Villa Plans

twin villa plans

The fact that 2 adjacent and identical buildings will share a single area may seem like a disadvantage for twin villas. However, when the villa plan is designed accordingly, each villa can provide privacy within its own space. Especially for the holiday you will go out with your family and friends, you can choose twin villas. 

Narrow-Space Wonder Villa Plans

narrow space villa plans

The area on which a villa is built, or the building itself, may be small. But that doesn't mean you can't have a heartwarming accommodation experience. These villa plans, prepared on the approach of saving space, are the most special examples of vertical architecture. 

Facility Villa Plans

facility villa plans

Facility villas, which provide the chance to meet new people, socialize and enjoy entertainment opportunities in the comfort of your home thanks to the common areas, offer many experiences that will enrich your holiday. You can add color to your accommodation experience thanks to facilities such as a communal swimming pool, amusement park, tennis court and gym. 

Front-of-House Oriented Villa Plans

facade oriented villa plans

Front-oriented villas can be examined in 2 different groups. For example, the facade of a villa located by the sea can be designed to fill the sea view into the house. Thus, the relaxing effect of the sea view can be experienced from many locations of the house. Or, for those who want to stay in privacy in a busy location, villas can be built where the facade does not face the street. 

Environmentally Friendly Villa Plans

environment friendly villa plans

Both the materials used in the villa and other factors that the villa has can be determined within the framework of a sustainable and ecological approach. Especially in recent years, while the climate crisis and environmental awareness have increased, it is not surprising that investments and demand for environmentally friendly villa projects increase at the same rate. 

Garden Oriented Villa Plans

garden villa plans

Among the features of the villa, it can be an eye-catching garden to be highlighted. Especially if there are elements that increase the value of the garden and even the villa such as detached pool, pergola, etc. In this case, the villa plan is designed to minimize the footprint of the building, and the garden is beautified with various aesthetic touches. 

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