Beautify Your Living Spaces with 2021 Trends in Home Design World!
Beautify Your Living Spaces with 2021 Trends in Home Design World!

We know that every home has its own style and atmosphere. The styles of some houses are timeless and are valid in all periods. However, every new year brings new trends to home design styles. If you want to add a fresh breath to the style of your home, you can get help from the 2021 home design trends that we will talk about in this article.

Popular Home Design Color Combinations of 2021

Let's see which color combinations will crown the elegance of our home this year with its perfect harmony.

Sea Blue & Bronze

home design - blue bronze

The perfect harmony of this duo may seem dark and depressing to some, but don't be afraid. If you wish, you can use this combination only in your details and bring innovation to your interior design with little touches. If you wish, you can add freshness to your spaces by adding white or sage, one of the most popular colors of 2021, to the combination of sea blue and bronze.

Light Powder Color & Oil Green

home design - powder pink oil green

The perfect harmony of the eye-pleasing sweet shade of light powder color and the striking petroleum green will be a style choice that we will encounter quite frequently in the home design preferences of the recent period.

Powder Blue & Orange

home design - blue orange

The calmness and modesty of powder blue will be the perfect choice to balance the boldness of the warming orange. While adding innovation to your living space, you can benefit from this harmonious duo and create an environment that is both simple and eye-catching.

Popular Home Design Material Preferences of the Recent Period

Wondering which materials are mostly chosen for furniture, walls or accessories? Here is the answer!

Wood in Light Tones

home design - light wood

Lightwoods, perhaps one of the most admired elements of the Scandinavian style, add a bright atmosphere to homes, while at the same time allowing you to be creative in furniture color choices. With wood options such as maple, teak, and light oak, you can create a heartwarming look in your home.

Dark Metal

home design - dark metal

Metal tones such as bronze, anthracite or copper oxide are preferred, especially in accessories, when we witness the rise of the industrial home design style. These details are also ideal for adding a carefree and realistic touch to the elegance of your home.

Wicker, Rattan & Bamboo

home design - wicker bamboo

These materials, which we are used to seeing in garden and balcony furniture, are being carried indoors with the latest home design trends. It is in your hands to create an eye-pleasing style with wicker, rattan and bamboo that allows us to bring nature to our home.

The Most Preferred Patterns in Home Design Styles

Let's get to know the most popular patterns of this year, which make their unique signature on the visuality of the houses.

Flower Pattern

home design - flower pattern

Flower patterns, which are indispensable for every period, continue to add a natural and refreshing ambiance to the elegance of our homes in 2021. Large floral patterns are in demand this year, which will add a more daring line to interior designs. These patterns are more common in pillows, seat covers or cushions.

Minimal Portrait Pattern

home design - minimal portrait

After appearing in the virtual world, we can see these patterns, which take our breath away in our living spaces and create abstract elegance, in colorful decorative elements and wall rugs.

Optical Illusion Pattern

home design - optical illusion

The optical illusion patterns that turn the heads of the viewers and evoke the feeling of a dream world appear on floor coverings, tiles and curtains.

Other Innovations in Home Design

home design - other trends

By 2021, we are witnessing that both the return to nature has begun in our homes and that more decisive steps are taken towards the future. One of the biggest indicators of this transformation is the increasing demand for sustainable and durable materials. Perhaps this may be the result of our search for items that will motivate us with their strong and strong structures in our home, which we all see as our shelter after the challenging year of 2020.

Apart from this, we can see that the material that adds an artificial taste to our living spaces like synthetic leaves our homes slowly and is replaced by natural and refreshing fabrics such as cotton and linen.

In addition, vintage and French rural home design styles that give a sense of the past are making their magnificent return this year. Along with these, we can notice that styles such as shabby chic and rustic are also being re-adopted.

We, as Missafir, adopt home design innovations in the spaces we offer and offer stylish and useful environments. We recommend you to review our other articles that can give you an idea about the home design world that we carefully emphasize.

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